Sunday, August 5, 2012

Up North

Our annual Up North trip rolled around once again.  Which means early morning till late evening on the water...... and ribs at night.  I wasn't going to take my camera for the pontooning but I did since I thought I might just miss something that I had to shoot.  

Our day started early with no sunshine and lots of fog.  Water was the drink of choice for our early morning adventure.

Only fishermen were out on the waters. 

Clouds were still hanging low but the alcohol came out of the coolers.  

About noon the sun came out...... yeah that means we started before noon, don't judge :)

We drifted through the channels (my favorite part) and got to beer can island for some fun afternoon relaxing and met a few great people and also got to witness the water police as they picked up a couple young boys that learning a great lesson in water safety.  

My favorite is the channel because there are so many photo opportunities in there.  Here are a few

Isn't he cute.  He caught my eye and I thought he was a statue they put on their dock....  until he moved his head.  STOP

On the way back we spotted him again and then stalked him into a few places.

This is the last time we flew off and got far enough away that we couldn't float there.

After 6 the channel gets very busy, people come out everywhere and are having just as much fun as we are.  

John asked someone on Thursday night (as I was dancing on the table with their wives) "when did you start drinking" and his response was "Monday"..... gotta love up north.  Oh the dancing on the table..... again don't judge...... these two blonde ladies asked me to come dance on the table and then someone asked if we were sisters so I danced on the table with my sisters.... that has to make it okay, right?  

I want this cottage, every time we float by it I love the aqua and brown.  Hummmmm I wonder if aqua and brown are in my future?

It's getting darker and we are still floating.... the waters get calm when everyone else thinks it's too late to be out there.

And sunset is awesome

Our long weekend up north with great friends was amazing as always.  The relaxing weekend is just what we needed.

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