Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Maxwell and Mallory Overload

 Monday night after taking photos of Gracie I came home to a big surprise.  Maxwell and Mallory came to visit.  They have been on vacation and then we were on vacation so I haven't seen them in what feels like forever.  

The time I get to spend with all my grandkids I treasure and having my camera in my hand isn't how I want them to remember me.  I want to be the fun grandma that plays with them so the camera usually stays in my bag.  Well tonight as their momma went for a run we played and I got out the camera because the glorious sunshine was behind them.  So it's a Max and Mally overload

Both of them smiling

Love Max's eye lashes in the sunshine

Mallory being silly, geeze this is a little Lynn.

They are so silly and really show their personalities here.

I turned a bit for some gorgeous sunburst

Okay Max is done.  And Mallory wants to play with her favorite toy at Grandma's house (it's by her hand...... a calculator.... it even has a special place that she keeps it)

Next we played with the sidewalk chalk.  I got some great chalk this year, it's nice and bright.... love when the kids come over so I can play with it.

We played and had a campfire until it was dark.  I loved my night with the kids and I taught Maxwell how to say Grandpa.  I taught him that every time John walked away from the patio to yell GRAAAAAANPAAAAAA until he came back.  Now Max does it all on his own.  When Lynn got back from her run he said it and she was shocked... Now why didn't I teach him Grandma?  Next time.

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Lynn said...

Love them all! And now when I say...say momma he says..bampa! Grrr.