Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Devon Senior Sneak Peek

Devon is a Senior this year and with the first sentence we shared with each other I could tell he loves anything to do with farming and is a very hard worker.  We took his photos on his Grandpa and Grandma's farm, such a special memory for him and an honor for Grandpa to have his oldest grandson follow in his footsteps.    His most important photos were going to be with the tractor, this is who he is. 

Grandma wanted some on the elevator.... Love it!!

The next important place on his list is where he spends a lot of his time in the fall..... yep he's a hunter and you can so tell.

Back to the farm and he wanted the little tractor in a few pictures.  I love this photo, he's so natural and comfortable.  

Devon's mom has a love for indoor photos so Devon gave her what she wanted.  He has the best smiles ever, they are kinda contagious, makes me want to smile right back at him.  

Such a handsome young man :)

Thank you Devon and Shari for a great morning.  

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