Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last year for Valentines Day I got all 3 of the grandkids together for a photo and wanted to continue this tradition every year.  It's not a busy holiday and it's nice to compare how the kids have grown in that year.  Here is last years Valentine's photo.  2011


With or in proximity to another person or people: "they stood together".

Okay if you think this is easy guess again.  We have one very cooperative 8 year old that has some patience for photos when there are bribes involved.

Miss El

I took lots more photos of El that you will see in a later post.  She might not like getting her picture taken but she rocks that camera.

Then Miss El and her pal Mallory

Mallory is 2.5 and is starting to warm up in front of the camera.  She did this little tip of her head and I couldn't get her to stop.  When we told her to sit pretty and smile her head just tipped.  

She also knows treats are involved.

Mr Maxwell is just darn cute but a momma's boy so that is why we are half turned around...... looking for where momma disappeared to.  If she would stand by me he would cry because he could see her and she wasn't holding him.  Maxwell is 9 months already..... {tears}

Now Max's hair not only sticks straight up it's so long that it curls back

Getting Mallory and Max together was challenging.  Mallory didn't want to sit by Max and Max still wanted his mommy.  We only got one and that took a little merge of two photos.

Garrett is 3 and not liking this picture taking stuff anymore.  He likes to play trucks and go outside but all these girls and their girly ideas are too much for him.  Here is Mr G-Man deciding to do it his way.  

And another one of G-Man's ideas.

I actually kinda love them and how they capture what Garrett is all about right now.  You have to remember every stage of their life, they will grow out of it faster than I want them to.  

El and Garrett together

And this year we have 4.....  El sat in the same spot, Mallory sat on top of her, Garrett played trucks (in his hand) diving in every couple seconds and Maxwell decided it was time to play "so big".   

The definition of together {"With or in proximity to another person or people" }  
It does not say anything about all sitting nicely smiling.  My Grandchildren together is just like this photo show you..... children being who they are at the time they are in the life and nothing could be sweeter to me than this photo of all my grandchildren together. 


LisaS said...

girlfriend - you are truely AMAZING!!!!


Laura's Journey said...

Oh my Mallory is a little Lynn, I am sure you / she have never heard that one. LOL
they are beautiful pictures and beautiful grandbabies.

Lynn said...

Look at Miss Shannon's obedient children looking at the camera and my unruly ones not looking and playing games! I'm so glad you picked up on why I all of sudden put Max there and walked away while you took pictures!! I love them all!!