Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Goals

On Christmas when we went through our old photos it was so much fun seeing not only who was the main subject of the photo but also the surroundings.  We laughed so hard at the hairstyles, clothes, and home decor.   And I'm sure you can relate that when you have old photos it's so much fun to find one of yourself.  I know it's painful to see them but it's still fun, so the goal for 2012 is to get myself on the other side of my camera a little more often.  So before we headed out for our New Years Party I had John snap a picture of me.  I'm wearing what was suppose to be Adam's ugly Christmas sweater, after I got home and he refused to wear it I thought it looked like something I might be able to pull off with the right shirt.  I love those outfits that cost under $3.... I'm sure in years when we look back on these I'll cringe and wonder what I was thinking but right now the Argyle sweaters are everywhere. 

Loving my little snuggly Maxwell.  He's getting teeth and his momma was needing a break and it's hard to believe but he was letting her.

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LisaS said...

you got your haircut.. you look great!!!!