Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter Friends

We got fresh snow this morning covering the outdoors and reminded us how beautiful winter really is.  After work we drove around the woods (should be walking but my heated seat is so much more comfortable than being cold).  We caught just a quick glimpse of momma deer and her fawn, I didn't have much time to set the camera (in manual mode last set for open field lighting), click and they were gone.  I would have loved to have the branches out from in front of their faces but I guess that just makes it more natural.  Now I'm hooked.... we might be out driving the trails every night.  

Love that they are both looking so straight on and continuing to hide from us.  

2012 for me is all about shooting something I haven't done before or a different perspective from the things I have shot before.  Hence the reason my camera was still set for open fields, everything I seen in the woods I've already done.  Just before we seen the deer John said "nothing worth taking a picture of?"  I said "I've done it all already, I'm waiting for something different to jump out at me".  They may have jump further into the woods instead of in front of me but this was exactly what I was waiting for.

  Thinking this way will help me to expand my creativity and continuing to learn from my mistakes.  You rarely make mistakes if you do the same thing over and over again......   Believe me I can make plenty of mistakes so it could be an interesting year, we'll see if I conquer the challenge or my camera goes flying across the room some day.  

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