Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm sorry

I'm very, very sorry that yesterday I said I wanted something to jump out at me.  First the deer and now today this.....

Do you know what that is?  

Well let me tell you..... John was putting up a new light in our bedroom today and he calls me at work to say "do you still want me to put up the light if there is a dead animal in it?"

Me - "What???  dead animals, what, where, when, how, why?"
John - "There's a dead animal in the light"
Me - "What is is?"
John - "I think it's a frog"
Me - "I had a frog in my bedroom..... are you kidding me?"
John - "No it's not in the bedroom it's in the NEW light"
Me - "Where was that box, how did he get in there"
John - "I'm thinking he came from China, the box was sealed up tight"
Me - "Okay I'm grossed out and might not want that light in my room"

Well in case you wanted a closer look at our Chinese Frog here he is.

Isn't that just disgusting?  I think his second toe is longer than his big toe...... DISGUSTING!!  And they have a little curl to them :)


LisaS said...

OMG- that is so gross.. i would of taken the thing back... yuk!!!!


Lynn said...

He was in there a while he even has an indent in the foam!!

Anonymous said...

I'd take it to Arlen Albrecht at the Extension office. Maybe it's a 'rare' frog that you could get big $$ for! Or maybe it's just a gross dead frog!