Sunday, January 15, 2012

Grandma Hemmers Look a-likes..... or not

I took Shannon's picture to compare to Grandma Hemmer's from this post  {click here}  

So what do you think?

That was so much fun we decided to take Lynn's picture the same way even though she is all Emmerich and then Elly got in there and so did Mallory.  Here are my 4 girls and Grandma.  They all have the same beautiful eyes, same eyebrows and all have the same thin lips except for Mally.  Shannon and Mally have the same face shape and Lynn and Elly have the same face shape.  I think they all make pretty cute little Russian girls, can't you just see them strolling through the streets in their long black coats.  

Here are some more fun shots to share.  And for a bit of a techie comment they were all taken with natural light.  I placed them directly left of the patio door with another window to their left.  This lit up the right side of their face with a soft light from the left.  I placed a reflector at their waist directing more light to bounce up onto the front of their face.  The reflector also creates great catchlights in the bottom of their eyes and the window to the left also created small catchlights which helps them sparkle.  

Here's my Shannon

My Lynn

My Elly Girl

And Miss Mallory

I had to share another Miss Mallory just because it is soooooo cute.  We didn't think she would do this for us but she put on the big coat and really played along.  She moved as I was taking it so it's blurring but I don't care, it's her.  She has the cutest little lips ever and here she is pouting to be done.

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