Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Sunsets before the storm

 We are expecting a winter storm for the next two days so I thought I'd share two of the sunset photos from the other night.  Kinda like the calm before the storm.  Where we live there is like this amazing hill, it's not like a normal hill but just a slow gradual incline that you would never know is there unless you know to look for it.  One day we walked to the top of the incline in the neighbors field to see how different it looks from the top vs what we see at the bottom.  It's so cool up there, someday I need to live at the top which is only like a stone's throw away :)  

Another incredible view is watching the sunset from one point and then driving about a quarter mile and watching it again.  Someday I'll walk to the top again and take my camera.  There's a cool rock pile up there too..... that's another reason I need to live there.

I haven't shared any techy camera stuff lately and I know there are a few fans out there and if you don't like it just look at the photos, I'm okay with that too.  

Here is an example of what your manual settings can capture for you.

The two photos were taken right after one another, with the second in-between to change shutter speed.

ISO 800 - getting pretty dark out and high f/stop so I needed light
f/32 - wanting the image to be sharp from front to back and also wanting the rays visible from the sun
Shutter speed - 1/200 letting in more light
This is the correct exposure and was what the sky looked like at the time.

Just for fun let's make this look all dramatic
ISO 800 - same as above
f/32 - same
Shutter speed - 1/4000 letting in less light

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