Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Crazy Haunted House

This fall I didn't get a chance to clean above my kitchen cabinets and it's been driving me crazy.  I just haven't had the time to do that type of cleaning but when I look up there I know it needs to be done soon.  So on Christmas I was having a conversation with a couple sister-in-laws and the subject came up.  I'm not sure why but I said out loud that mine were in desperate need of cleaning.  My one sister-in-law gave me a good tip and I'm not sure why I didn't think of this but I am for sure going to do it.  She puts newspaper above the cabinets so she can just pull them down and there is less scrubbing of that greasy sticky dirty crap that happens above the stove.  

fast forward a few days...... John and I are watching TV and I'm working away on the computer and "crash" happens in the kitchen.  We both go out to investigate and thinking it was going to be a Christmas ornament that I had taped above the sink it wasn't.  It was the cover from my Fiesta-wear creamer.  All my Fiesta-wear is above the cupboards because they are so pretty (well not right now since they need to be washed).  How in the world did that cover pop off that creamer and fall over the side of the cupboard with no one in the room?  It didn't break so I picked it up and the next night washed it up but didn't put it back up since I needed to wash the others soon.

fast forward to last night...... John and I went to bed and have to walk by the cabinets to get to the bathroom so we know everything was fine when we went to bed.  Adam came home later and set his lunchbox on the counter in the same spot that he does every night.  Nothing was different then either.  So I get up this morning (not a gym morning, thank goodness) and there is a note on the counter.
"Connie something spilled all over the counter and floor, I think it's the Olive Oil..... I think"  then Adam got up and "it's all over my lunchbox".  So okay those boys looked over the mess just enough to tell me about it but sure enough it's still all there.  

So the Cleaner and CSI that I am I clean up the mess on the counter, put Adam's lunchbox in the sink and start to clean up the floor.  Thinking..... this isn't greasy it can't be olive oil and why would the olive oil leak from a glass bottle.  So as I'm wiping it up I notice it dripping from above..... just like blood dripping on CSI (that's what went through my head.... I know I watch too many CSI shows).  So I look up and it's dripping off the counter yet but nothing is up there.... so what should a CSI do now?  Smell it.....Taste it!!!  Yep so I smelled and tasted whatever was dripping from my cupboards to the counter onto the floor and running to the basement steps.  It didn't smell or taste like anything I was still stumped.  But boy was it sticky.

Okay I need to take a shower and get to work so since it's kinda cleaned up I'll finish when I get home.  

Nope I can't leave it so I start more investigation because whatever is happening is coming from above and I'm not sure it's done.  On the bottom shelf was baking supplies like chocolate chips, marshmallows, nuts..... nothing leaking there.  On the second shelf is the flour, sugars, oatmeal, jello.... those are all dry items so I didn't touch them.   Then for some reason I look up and see a dark spot that I can hardly reach but I stretch to put my finger on it and it's wet.  So I get me a chair and peer over the top shelf to find a puddle but what is it coming from because there is nothing but tin cans of pie filling, juices, cake mixes.  Well the can of Grapefruit juice blew out both sides of the can and punctured a tiny hole in the bottom.  I'm not sure how this happened or why it happened but whomever threw my sugar lid over the side of the cupboard must have thought I would make the time to clean up there but when I ignore it even longer they went to drastic measures to make me clean.   So cleaning tonight is what we did but not only the top of the cupboard but inside, wall, floors, all those dry ingredient boxes and bags were covered with wetness...... everything.  That stuff was sticky and all over.  

This pic has nothing to do with it but it's pretty and what we did tonight wasn't pretty.

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