Saturday, January 7, 2012

Grandpa and Grandma Hemmer

John's mom and dad are tipping the 80's on the high side and unfortunately every bug they get it's harder and harder to bounce back.  Grandpa has had a rough couple of weeks and spent some time in the hospital.  He got released this weekend and his sisters were here for a visit from Iowa.  The two in the back are John's cousins and they brought the two ladies in front here from Iowa to visit their brother.  They are saints...... let me say it again..... Those two in the back are saints and have a ticket straight to heaven.  Making the trip from Iowa on such a short notice for themselves to visit their uncle is a wonderful thing to do, but then to offer to bring their aunts with is purely sainthood.

We went over to snap a few pictures and to spend time with them.  Now let me tell you they all wanted this picture taken but when it came right down to it there wasn't enough room in the apartment to fit them all in comfortable so someone had to tell them they had to walk down to the community room..... Well David was the one to break the news.  They didn't complain too much for the walk but when I snapped one picture they said "okay we're done"  Ummmmmm did someone forget to tell them I don't take one picture?  I did force myself to only take about 20.  I kept telling Grandpa to smile..... he says he was but that's not a smile.  Grandma looks so cute sitting over there on the right.  She's had a bit of a vacation while Grandpa was in the hospital.... shhhhh don't tell Grandpa.

Those hands are years of family blood.  

We went out to the hunting shack after this and I taught them a new dice game, it was quite the process but they had fun and even wanted to play again.  Grandma went for a Jeep ride around the woods with John.  Ed and I had to practically lift her into the seat with the help of a step ladder and then Ed and I closed the door, waved good-bye and told John - Good luck we might not get her out of there!!  Grandpa went around the woods with Ken in his truck, they loved that ride, it's been about 3 years since they've seen their trails and the back side of the woods.  Lots of memories for them in that 80.

Just in case you're wondering..... we did get Grandma out of the Jeep :)

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