Sunday, January 8, 2012

New York Photo 1944

Let's go back about a month ago..... we went to visit John's parents and Grandma couldn't find her reindeer that I made for her 20 some years ago.  She loved those reindeer and had them on her table every Christmas since.  Well this year they are gone.... now they have moved about 5 times and they always came with them but for some reason she can't find them.  So John and her ripped the apartment apart trying to find them.  They aren't small and their apartment is so they should be that hard to find.  Well during one of the closet purging's I found this packet of old pictures and started to look through it.  Grandma said if I find anything I want just tell her..... well I found this photo of her from 1944 when she visited New York and loved it.  I love the rusted metal frame, I love the old look of the photo, I love the composition of the photo being in the lower left corner and what I love most is how our Shannon looks so much like Grandma.  I see Shannon all over this photo.  So now this photo is mine and I have it displayed in the house.  We didn't find her reindeer but I found a treasure.

So yesterday I was determined to have Grandma duplicate this photo with me.  Grandma can't remember much about it but she thinks it was a booth that you paid like 10 cents for the one photo and it was in New York when she visited in 1944 when she was about 20 years old.... that about it.    We googled the information from the back and this was a booth that was famous for taking photos for the girls to send over to the sweethearts that were serving in WWII.  

So here is our quick rendition of the 1944 photo in 2012.  (67 years later)

Here they are side by side, for your comparisons.  Now my next mission is to get Shannon into the same pose and maybe even Shawna.  If anyone could be John's little sister, especially with a hat on..... it would be Shawna.  :)


LisaS said...

OMG - Miss Connie I LOVE IT!!!!!


Shawna said...

CONNIE!! I LOVE THIS!!! Can I PLEASE have a copy? I will totally do this with you, but I think I was wearing a blaze orange hat and scarf when I was told that I could be a Hemmer sister :)

Miranda said...

absolutely beautiful as usual Miss Connie