Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Real Valentine Pictures

Today I will show you the Valentine pictures I had in my head and was so excited to do.  Envisioned a fort made of blankets, candy, cupcakes, flowers, chocolate, lots of fun books to read and 4 very excited children ready to play fort and eat sweets.  Well this is how it really went.  

Elly is too tall to fit in the fort sitting up so I tell her to lay on her belly, of course Mallory copies everything El does so she lays on her belly too, Garrett lays on his belly too which okay that works.  Now let's get Max in there... We scoot the girls apart and Garrett get pinned between El and the table leg and starts to cry, he is now sad and can't get out, Max is not happy being in the fort but we keep ignoring him thinking he might get happy.  Garret does recover from the tears but he's now not happy.  The girls are very good and just keep smiling through it all because they know they can have treats if they are good.  So we got one in a series of 30 that is kinda okay.

So let's have treats and get Max out of the dark fort.  Max is a big boy now but he still has to have is little boy treats.... no sweets for him yet.  Garrett did sit up but not Mally she is not about to sit up unless Elly sits up and she can't sit up because she's too tall for the table.  Mally also needed to eat everything Elly ate in the same order as Elly and at the same time. 

I think they had fun and hopefully they will remember when they got to make a fort at Grandma's and eat treats.

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