Monday, February 20, 2012

Maternity Sneak Peeks

I had the pleasure of taking photos of a very good friend this weekend.  I have been going through this pregnancy with her 5 days a week and couldn't be more thrilled to share in the excitement when "new" things happen to her body.  She is one of the most glowing and happy pregnant girls I have ever meet. This is their first baby and she is enjoying everyday of her 8.5 months so far.  

Since her mom, best friend and sister and mother-in-law had a book shower for her I wanted to add to that theme by taking "beans" first pictures in the library.  The librarians had to chat with us about their 1,000 book club and then they all stood there watching as we set up "bean" for story time.  This book is from Grandma so it's extra special.

Of course we need to have "Are you my Mother?" 

Dad seems pretty calm about "bean" coming into their world very soon.  I tried to get baby names out of him.  "Dad what's baby's name?"  "bean"

Good answer daddy, I can't wait to find out if "bean" is a boy or a girl.  Either way "bean" has the most wonderful parents in the world.

This next photo is one of my very favorites and shows how much mommy loves her baby already.  I can walk by her office and see her looking at "bean" this same way.  It makes me smile and then we tear up together taking about "bean's" entrance into this world.

She is so tiny and so darn cute pregnant.

You didn't think we would actually show you the correct measurement, did you?

Perfect baby bump.  Nice round belly with the arch in the back...... ohhhhhhhh I love it.

See what I mean about a glowing mommy.

And this is the smile that makes me laugh everyday.  

Thank you for letting me share in so many ways through this pregnancy, I will seriously miss you while your gone on maternity leave so don't be surprised if I spend my lunches in your livingroom admiring "bean".  I love you and wish you the best luck, you will make an amazing mommy.


Tina said...

Thank you for capturing these wonderful memories, Connie! You did a great job making me feel like a beautiful mama.

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures. love the baby bump best

Courtney said...

LOVE! Tina, you look great! so tiny! Congratulations! and very nice job, Connie :)