Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Vintage Fun

My friend Lisa came over to drink wine and of course we had to play a little with the Vintage look.   We started out with 1 bottle of wine split between 2 glasses.....

Cute look for one eye

I told Lisa to give me her sexy vintage look...... she tried but couldn't do it.  We laughed really hard and I love what I captured 

 That's what I'm talking about and we only had to drink 2 bottles of wine.

And my favorite.  

Lisa has worked really hard to lose a few pounds and her hard work shows in these photos.   So happy and confident with her skinny look.  

Lisa will also be there Friday night at the Women's Event with her mom and sisters so maybe we can capture all the girls for a little vintage fun.

1 comment:

LisaS said...

wow- what a hot mama!!!!!
but to be honest, the work is all behind the lens my friend. you can take an "ugle" duckley and make them look like a swan.. Love You