Thursday, February 9, 2012

Weird and Low

The story I'm about to tell you is weird, low and somewhat disgusting.  Last week at the gym I walked into the locker room after our work out.  This was the very first time in almost 2 years at the gym that I got warm, I don't want to say sweaty because I don't think I can call it sweating but I got my body temperature up to where I would call it moist.  I can drink water like a camel after class and today was no exception, I guzzled the water before I hit the shower.  After I shut the water off I could still hear the girl who was in the locker room which was weird because she was almost dressed before I went in there.  As I walked out of the shower room she was in her street clothes again and just leaving.  I thought that was strange but didn't have another thought about it.  So I grab for my water again and it's gone, I looked everywhere and there was no water bottle anywhere.  I immediately checked the rest of my stuff and everything was still there, thank goodness.   I finished getting ready for work and walked out into the lobby thinking I might have left it out there.  No water bottle out there but there was a little pink princess water bottle sitting on the table that wasn't there before.  I talked with the staff and just warned them so maybe they could get the word out that your items might not be as safe as you think.  How low of someone to steal your water bottle while your in the shower and then how weird to steal someone else's water bottle in the first place.  

So this week while in the shower I hear the girl talking.  Excellent I hurry to get done but she was too fast and already in the gym.  One of the staff members was in the locker room with me while I was getting ready for work and asked me about it and if I knew who did it.  I explained that she was in the gym as we speak.   When the staff girl left the locker room she comes flying back in and says "Connie this girl has a red water bottle is it yours?"  I peek my head out the door and say "yep that's mine" as she is proudly walking around in the gym swinging it on her fingers.  So now the staff gal confronts her and explains that a member lost her red aluminum water bottle and ask if she happen to find it.  Her answer "Nope I bought this one".

I really don't want it back and if she thought she needed it that bad she can have it.  I was grateful that she didn't steal anything else from me.

So this morning as I'm walking into the locker room after my workout I push the door in and she is right there pulling it open.  I scared her and she jumped back a little and I immediately said "oh I'm sorry" and looked right down at her hand holding a clear plastic water bottle.   I didn't say anything but just smiled and laughed a bit.  When I was leaving the receptionist says "hey Connie we got your water bottle back, she left it in the locker room that same day we questioned her".  Now this is gross, she steals it, drinks out of it after I had it and then returns it to me thinking I want to use it again.  No thanks.  

I took it into work just to throw it in the dumpster but took a quick shot of it so you could see how tempting it would be to steal....... Oh yeah isn't it awesome?  Even the guy down the hall can't stop looking at it...... 

One more problem the gym has found with this whole ordeal.  They were looking into this girl to find out how they should handle it and they found out that she is not a member of the gym.  She hasn't ever paid.......  how can people do this stuff and be able to sleep at night.  


arturlington said...

I go to the gym at least once a day, most often twice. While I was using the rest room, someone stole my under armour compression shorts! Who steals shorts that you wear under your shorts? If someone was in that much of need, I would have gladly given it! So, I feel your pain! By the way, good work going to the gym!

Laura's Journey said...

Karma is a bit** and the thief will get whats coming to her in spades