Sunday, February 12, 2012

Time is ticking.... for pickin'

Breaking some rules today by putting this clock almost dead center.  I picked this clock out of a house that was going to be burned down.  I can't wait for warmer days so I can go pickin' again.

Want some techie information today?  

I took this photo by placing a side table by the patio door.  Placed a white foam board behind the clock and another on the side opposite the door.  The white helps reflect the light.  Then the sun shine was very bright and that's not pretty so I pulled the sheer curtains but in my house they are patterned so that was worse.  I then placed a white diffuser in front of the curtain to break the shadows the light would still come through but not be as bright.  I could have opened the curtains and just used the diffuser but I was lazy and already sitting on the floor.  :)  You can make a diffuser out of sheer white fabric hanging over the curtain rod.  

I included a photo so you could see what I did..... well in this photo I was doing something else that was flat so I needed the light to bounce on the top of it so the white board is positioned differently on the right.  You can see the pattern of my curtains on the diffuser.  

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LisaS said...

i am ready for some pickin'