Sunday, February 26, 2012

1st Peek - Women's Weekend

I won't talk {type} much since I loaded this post up with photos.

On Friday I started my day out at work and then I was off to get my hair styled by Suzy at Reflections Hair Design.  I requested a vintage look and she did a fantastic job of making me look cute.  That's a hard job but she's got the magic and I love her for all my hair worries.  Next we were off to set up at the Veranda and then a test for my lights with a little shout out for Suzy aaaannnnndddd to show off my fun vintage style.

Then off to get ready and back again for some fun.  I walked into the room and within 10 minutes there was a line forming.  I took just over 700 photos..... the line never quit.   {sigh}

To start us off here are a few random vintage gals

I've been involved with this Women's Weekend for the past 3 years and finally this year I talked two of my sisters into joining in on the fun.  They even stood in my line for their photos.  Here is my sister Gayle, isn't she pretty?  I hear so many people tell me she looks like our mother.  It's a good thing I said I wouldn't type much because I have a hilarious story about Gayle.

And my sister DiAnn, she's so darn cute.

And here we are together.... if Gayle looks like our mother we all must look like her.   
At the end of the night I found out they had a blast and already have plans for next years event.  
{it's only the first day, they have 2 more to go}


Mother - Daughter

So many of these ladies come with their daughters, granddaughters, sisters, mothers, and even grandmothers.  What a great way to spend time together.  This is a mother daughter shot...... I'd give my right arm for a photo like this with my mom.  

I have lots more peeks to come so those of you that were further back in the line keep checking back.  I'll try to post everyday this week.


LisaS said...

GREAT JOB my friend, your talent is truely a gift.


sparkie said...

your hair was so cool connie. sue really got the look down. I love the picures.