Monday, May 18, 2009

Rascially Rabbits

You can play, you can run around with your brother, you can chase the birds, you can pretend that I can't see you...... but please little bunny stop eating my flowers!!!

I see you in there amongst my really nice looking Delphinium... no not tasty, I didn't say tasty!!

Yeah that's right you should be embarrassed and hide your eyes.

John wonders why I have been begging people to come dig what they want since I have way too many flowers but I won't share with a couple baby bunnies so do I have a deal for you. Come dig all the flowers you want and I'll even throw in a spunky little baby bunny.

I'm serious for the digging perennials, call me. Yesterday I threw 2 full wheelbarrows away and that's only in a 6' by 6' section, I have plenty more but hurry before mr and miss hungry get to them.


Emmerichs Events said...

What you doing this weekend? I'll be gone on Saturday to a graduation but home on Sunday and Monday. If you are free I'll come get some - plants not bunnies that is. I will even bring you a couple extra bunnies we have here. I noticed they are chewing on my Stargazer Lilies I got from your sister last year - The bunnies are cute - but they have got to go.

Lynn said...

Aw, he is being so shy and cute!! I would take that bunny any day... You want Maggie, we can do a swap... check out my blog and see what she did to my lilac bush!