Thursday, May 21, 2009

Girly Girl

Elly's birthday is Sunday and she's such a girly girl. Last year for her birthday I got her toenails polished and little flowers on them. This year she says to me "Grandma when am I getting my toenails polished" I didn't really think of doing that again this year but she had that sad puppy dog face so tonight I picked her up and we headed to the beauty shop for the start of her birthday present. After we were done she says "now Grandma can you buy me my high heels for my graduation tomorrow" What, Elly you can't wear high heels you will fall and you won't be able to run at recess. Well we went to the store and of course I told her I would buy her one outfit but not a dress, I got the sad eyes but we found three different choices to try on. She was in 7th heaven in that dressing room trying on clothes. She decided on one and then we were off to look at the flip flops since she already has the ones I bought her for Easter just about worn out. I walk through the isle and said "Elly I don't see any I like", she says "Grandma didn't you like those high heels back there". I tell her to show me and she points out a pair of flip flops with a itty bitty tiny heel on them. We try on a white pair with a flower by the toe and then a pink pair with big shiny jewels and of course she likes the big shiny jewels and wants them but her outfit is yellow so Grandma does what all grandmas would do...... I bought her both!!

Here's the new toe nail polish and with the white high heels. She's such a girly girl.

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