Friday, May 15, 2009

Lawn Care

It's time to mow the lawn again, John is a lawn guy and he stresses over how it looks all summer long. I'm allergic to cut grass so I usually avoid him totally when he mows or he gets it done before I get home. He gets full credit for keeping our lawn looking nice.

I remember when I was 8 or 9 we had to take turns mowing lawn and since there was so many of us and we only had a push mower we would make a line of kids and the first one would make a race track around the yard, coming back to the beginning and then the next kid would take a turn getting the race track circle smaller and smaller until the lawn was done. Can you imagine 9-10 kids sitting on the lawn in a row waiting for their turn with a push mower. John just cringes of the thought of the lawn being mowed in a race track. We also used to mow a kick ball diamond or football field in the grass, now that would throw John over the edge!! Good thing he enjoys this job, here he is mowing the lawn for the 2nd time already.

FYI - I didn't have my zoom lens on I had my little 50mm so he is really, really close to me, and my head is laying on the ground.... I was hoping he would stop.

Excuse me while I sneeze, ahhhhh-chooo

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Lynn said...

This is a very fun angle/picture!

Remember when we went out West and you asked Jesse to mow the lawn while we were gone... we were only dating at the time and Jesse was stressing! He knew that this was a make-ya or brake-ya deal!!