Thursday, May 28, 2009

Getting help

I am getting some help cleaning up this garden mess I have, thank you all very much. As you can see this is my front path that has plenty of "Hot Lips Turtle Head", "Snowdrop Anemone", "Obedient Plant", "Day lilies in lots of colors", "False Sunflower" and lots more that needs to be cleaned up so there is a path again. I have thinned the left side (new mulch) and have the right side to do yet. The rain has given the plants such a bright green color and I think they grew 4 inches since Monday.

I'll try to get photos of the other 5 gardens I have, those are just as bad if not worse than this. During one of my garden tours with my sisters a friendly gardener said to us "Don't get too many gardens that you can't take care of them". Silly lady..... that will never happen to me I love to weed and play in the garden all summer!! Oh boy did she know what she was talking about.

I don't have more than I can take care of but I do have lots of work to do ALL SUMMER LONG!!

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Emmerichs Events said...

I agree - I am in my gardens all summer and people always ask me why I spend so much time "working" - They definitely are not gardeners - I don't consider it work - I love it. Sometimes I feel a little guilty when I am spending so much time out there. Your gardens are beautiful - Don't ever stop the addiction. It's all worth it in my book.