Thursday, January 1, 2015


2015 was started by taking down the tree.  I might be the only one that has to make the decorations look as pretty coming down as they do hung on the tree.  I pile them all up on the table and look at them being all coordinated and fun..... and then I have to get the camera so I can remember them before they go back in their boxes.  

New Years Eve was spent with our good neighbors who take such good care of us....  We had a couple drinks, they bought us down steak and shrimp ( complete with a Santa hat) and then we joined them for a few more drinks at their home in front of the fireplace and in time for the NY ball to drop.  Home before midnight and felt good the next day...... perfect for us.  

New Years Day is all about reflecting on the past and making plans for the future.  Mine alway reflects around photography and how I can become better at blogging and sharing my everyday.  I know my dad reads my blog and loves to read how my life is happening and lately I really have been laking so in 2015 I hope to be better at sharing my everyday and keeping my dad entertained by my crazy stories.  

Last night as we were at the local tavern a great person who used to babysit for our girls was there and as I was leaving she says to me.  "Connie I love your stories and can't wait to see you again to hear what else has happened in your life, you amaze me"........ really my stupid crazy life amuses others....... I guess I must be my mother, she always had a story to tell that made others laugh.  Last night my story to this girl was something I haven't shared with many..... at the time it was traumatic and could have ended up hurting myself and others but thankfully someone was watching from above to keep me safe.... but now it makes others smile and laugh.  And my new sunroof is something I enjoy everyday.  

THE FIRST 2015 SUNSET - Enjoy your everyday moments and the beauty that is put in front of you.

Did you think I wouldn't tell you the story??????  Remember it's all about my dad and I don't think I told him this story.

So back this fall we needed to make a decision on a truck for John.  His '88 Ford was failing, it ran good, it had new tires but the truck was worn out.  He had a special place in his heart for this truck since it was our neighbor Jerry's that he bought after he died of a heart attack in 2000.  Jerry was pretty special to us and our children that I think this truck was John's way of keeping that memory within his heart......but the floor was rusted away and the only thing keeping his feet off the highway was the floor mat.  We made a trip to the car place and tried to "like" something other than a truck.  (not practical for both of us to drive trucks) We test drove a Edge Limited and loved it. We drove a SEL Edge and it didn't measure up to the Limited at all.  The sales guy asked what I wanted in a Edge and I said "if I can't drive a truck I want a sunroof"   So they sales guy told us the price of the sunroof and I said "I don't need that".  We walked away with them looking for a Edge with no sunroof and no commitment from us.

Fast forward a few days......  We have a annual 4-wheeling day at work to PR some important customers and usually John takes the day off to work to come with me.  This year he decided he didn't want to waste the vacation day so he hooked up the trailer with the 2 4-wheelers and I was prepared to haul them by myself.  It's not the first time hauling a trailer behind my truck for me so it was no big deal.   That morning I went outside to where my truck and trailer was all hooked up and ready for me to start my "fun" day at work.  I wiped off the frost and headed out.  As I rolled down the road I turned east and knew that I'd have a few guys to turn this truck around and help me unload the 4-wheelers when I got to our destination.  NO PROBLEM.  I got 1 mile down the road and need to slow down for the corner, I took my foot off the gas and "wham" from the back of the truck.  I'm not sure what I did or how I reacted since it's all a blur yet...... but I remember seeing the trailer in my right mirror, then left, then right, then left..... I seen two 4-wheelers in my mirror, than left than right...... and a car coming towards me and I had all I could do to keep me, the truck and trailer on myside of the road.  I did it!!!  I slowed down and took the corner dragging the trailer behind me.  I get out and the hitch is under the truck, connected only by chains.  

After may people stopped to help I called Ed to help me.  Thank goodness for retired brother-in-law.   One amish man tried to hook the trailer back up with no luck and told me to unload the 4-wheelers.  I decided to wait for Ed.  Then 6 Mennonite boys stopped to help and I told them I would be fine.  They pulled over anyway and picked that trailer up like nothing was on it.  (oh boy hold me back, John says my voice chances at this point of the story).  All this time I thought it was me that did something wrong with hauling the trailer but these boys assured me that the trailer was not hooked up properly and I would be fine now.  I could continue to my 4-wheeling trip with no worries..... I decided to wait for Ed and he also assured me that the trailer was hooked up correctly now.  But after this time I had Ed drive it back to the house and I thought it was safer for me to finish the day at my desk in my office.  

Yes the trailer was not hooked up correctly, I was lucky and someone up there was helping me to be safe.  The only damage I did to the truck was a scratch in the plastic about 1/2".  How I managed to not have the hitch bore through the end gate is beyond me.  The day was traumatic for me but even worse for John that felt so bad for me having to go through that.  It happens but not usually when your wife is driving it....... Thank goodness for safety chains.  

Okay so new Edge............ has a sunroof.......... thanks John........... I LOVE IT ......... end of story. 

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