Monday, December 29, 2014

Winter Wonderland Overload

This last weekend we headed up north to check on the cottage and maybe get some R&R.

We certainly have more snow up there and it hangs on the trees making everything look like your standing inside a snow globe..... including the patio door when we walked in and the snow was hanging over the roof.

I so wanted to poke at the overhanging snow so John and I headed up to the deck with shovel in hand..... once up there I got nervous about the snow falling on me as John shoveled the deck and I stood under it.  I quickly got out of there but I think he was purposely taking his time shoveling.    When he hit the overhang it came down fast and buried the shoveled deck once again.  Okay I was done with that and took a walk with my camera.

That night Adam, Monica and Little A came up.  We sat in the sitting room watching it snow with huge flakes we could almost hear them fall.  But then the morning it was time to shovel the deck and get more snow off the roof and John took advantage of Adam being there.

Good thing there is lots of snow to break their fall if they lose their footing.

It snowed a LOT.

So that means more pictures.

It was a beautiful day and we all enjoyed time outside.  Little A is so good about being outside, he tried to follow me to the fire pit so I had to shovel him a path.  

Of course we are known as "the smoke people" and winter is no exception.   The river is still open and if I could have figured out how to get the kayak in the water and out again without getting wet I might have tried it.  John tells me to stick with the snowshoes for winter......

After 2 sets of mittens and now Little A's bare hands it must be time to go in and warm up.  Adam did go sledding but making a path with the deep snow was a bit difficult.  

Weather was great and it was so fun to be up north with new snow making memories for Little A. 

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