Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hemmer Christmas Party 2014

We celebrated the Hemmer Christmas this weekend with a Christmas Character or PJ's.  As everyone got there it was fun to see how they dressed.  We laughed harder this year than ever.  

I have a lot of pictures that I wanted the family to see so I'm going to keep the chatting a bit less so hopefully the pictures tell a thousand words. 

My camera flipped back to zero in the middle of the day so my pictures are out of order and it's a big deal to re-organize them after I dump them in here so........... deal with it :)

It takes a bit to get this family all in the same spot for photos....

But it happened..... well we are missing lots of family but everyone who could make it was in the photo except for my lovely Shannon who held her hand the highest to take the pictures.

Aunt Bethany with her jello mold complete with cat food.

Max and Mally have no idea who The Grinch is so they were amazed with Ed.  Lynn had prepped them before so they weren't scared of him, he was darn good at staying in character.

I'll shoot your eye out!!  Or your glasses

Our adorable pink bunny from the Christmas Story

Great party to start the holidays.  

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Anonymous said...

Awesome Sauce!!! Just LOVE your ideas & your pics!
By the way, Wally Gator wants to know if 'Clark' was blowing into that septic tube before or after it was in the outhouse!