Monday, December 1, 2014

Garrett is six

Garrett Man tuned 6 on November 1st.  I have a hard time with 5 and 6 is even worse but Garrett told me it has to happen.  So I guess if it has to happen I have to take pictures to document it.  Garrett does so well with pictures he listens, he might play really really hard but as soon as I tell him to give me 5 minutes he's right there to listen and do what I ask.  I think he knows that if he listens he gets done way faster and can get back to playing. 

He even sat close to his sister with no complaints and let her touch him.  

Shannon doesn't do school pictures because I take them for her.  

Elly is in 6th grade and growing so quickly.  She is a naturally pretty girl and so far has no interest in hair, make up or clothes..... she's our little rag-a-muffin and we really like it that way.  

She is so darn skinny and tall.........

Shannon changed Garrett's shirt for his school pictures.  

He is in Kindergarten this year

I love this one, this is the true Garrett.

Max, Mally and Melanie happen to be there too so of course Garrett asked for a picture with Max..... I don't like to take pictures when someone is missing and Junior Bug wasn't here to get in on the boy cousin picture.  We did it anyway and I wasn't going to post it because it bothers me but I know Garrett will want to see his Maxwell picture.  

Max doesn't normally smile with his teeth on his lip but I couldn't get him to smile any other way.  So this is Max with his two front teeth.  LOL

Miss Melanie was too cute and hey I had my lights set up so why not have a 5 month picture at the end of November with a Halloween shirt.....  She's too cute to even notice.

All three of the girl cousins were there so we got a shot of them also.  Lynn didn't really like that her children were not photo dressed..... so have Mally hold her knees up to cover the kitty with a mustache and turn Melly's shirt inside out add a yellow headband..... Wha-la picture appropriate.  

And Melly too cute to not put her in a pot.  

Grandchildren are the best and the more there are the funnier it becomes.  The best part of growing up is spending time with your cousins and the best part of being a grandma is watching them play.  

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