Monday, December 15, 2014

Miss Melanie Cookie Baking

Saturday we baked cookies with the kids and grandkids.  Lynn has everyone over including Jesse's family and a couple of her aunts that love to bake.  As soon as you walk in the door the baking starts and the kids are so excited to help and get their next "job".  This year I never took my camera out of the bag.... bad me lately.  I think my busy schedule of taking photos has really gotten me to enjoy my time away from behind the camera and enjoying the time at the moment.  With this small break I have during the holidays I need to reset my brain and start capturing those moments with the grandkids before they grow up before our eyes.  

I did however take my camera out to capture Melanie's first cookie baking day.  Cut out cookies are a favorite for everyone including Melly.  It was love at first site for her and she got her time to roll and cut cookies all by herself.  

Her little smile gets bigger and bigger until her eyes disappear.  

Yep that's baby drool on the rolling pin...... good thing we all love her :)

That's it, that's all I took so just close your eyes and envision the rest of the kids helping, playing, fighting, running, jumping...... having the greatest day of their lives making memories they will keep forever......... all day long

John and I had to leave earlier than the rest because of a Christmas party so we went downstairs to say good bye to the kids and this is what we seen.  

Mallory, Elly, Garrett, and Maxwell all sitting in Lynn's classroom with Christmas songs playing on the radio singing along with every word.  Their heads bobbing back and forth while they all are cutting out snowflakes.  We stood there for a few minutes to watch them and they didn't notice us right away.  It brought tears to my eyes to see them enjoying their time together, working on a project that they were so proud of.  They all hugged us so tight and gave kisses as Maxwell says........  Grandma why do you have to leave, can't you stay here forever?  Okay now full tears.

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