Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Day

Christmas Day and how do I feel.................  "I'm okay"....... or that is what I kept telling John when he was so concerned about me.  Yep, I lied to him, I lied to everyone who asked because I felt like crap, I felt like I needed to lay down and nap for about 16 hours.......... and I don't nap......... ever.  But it was Christmas and you can't be sick on Christmas, it still happens....... so after my wonderful surprise of a clean house and no dirty dishes all I had to do was make a taco dip, shower and get to Gayles by noon.  I did it and even took the time for our annual Christmas morning pictures...... I might have been a bit off...... hence my focus on the self timer being way off.  Oh well I tried.  

Gayle had the stockings this year so we got the Sock Viewing and Christmas Day at the same time.  Gayle and Bill worked very hard to make a fireplace for all our stockings.  

There are

2 - Mom and Dad
11 - Children
8 - Spouses
23 - Grandchildren
10 - Spouse Grandchildren
28 - Great Grandchildren

82 total and there are more to join this clan in 2015  

We had a few games of Bingo and Giant Jenga 

Beau might have grown up a bit.....

Beau making sure Adam isn't cheating

Paige has never played before

Hey Brother Randy...... no cheating

Elaine LOVES this game that is why I picked her to play on the girls team.

This is the highest we ever got and they ran out of moves so Tricia had to take from the top 2 rows

Elaine gets the last possible move

So the boys have to go for it

Adam bails and Randy is caught with the stick in his hand

That is all I took pictures of but we had a great time playing and the kids have so much fun at Gayles.  We shook dice and there might have been a little girl who needed a jar to take her winnings home in.  

Of course we were the last ones to go home and when we got there I again crashed on the couch until I John got me to take more medicine and off to bed he sent me.

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