Thursday, January 15, 2015

Little A and Grandpa

Little A might like his Grandpa a lot.  I stopped at their house and asked Little A if he wanted to come home with me.... he turned his head, I asked if he wanted to go for a ride..... he didn't look.  I asked him to come give Grandma a hug.... nothing!!!!!  Then I said "do you wanna go see Grandpa" and he was standing up in his highchair and arms stretched out for me to come get him.  He got his coat and shoes in no time and we went to see Grandpa.  They played and played and played some more.

Then Grandpa got silly.....

Little A might not say a lot of words but you know what he wants without words.  

Then Grandma gets the job of hooking up this trailer 150 thousand times.....

This is his favorite spot for driving his cars and trucks

He lines them up just like his daddy did (still does)

Grandpa being silly again

I love it when kids play like this.

Or this....

Grandpa wasn't playing with him and he tried the look to make him feel guilty.....

The look didn't work so he grunted a bit...... still didn't work.  Then he got up and went over by Grandpa and pulled on his sleeve until he got down on the floor to play tractors with him.  

Can you see that he makes tractor noises while playing?  

Gotta love those chubby baby legs and baby Hanes socks

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