Saturday, January 3, 2015

Miss Melanie Mae - 6 months

Yes Miss Melanie Mae is half way to 1 year already.  She is growing so fast and we hardly know that she's around.  She's the best baby ever and usually entertains herself as the older kids take Grandma's attention.  She rarely cries and will smile with just paying a little attention to her...... UNLESS there is a camera pointed at her, then she becomes a little fussy beast and will not cooperate at all.   Fussy beast is a challenge but Lynn has a bit of an advantage..... she comes over and we hang out all day long and we only need a few photos between the fussy beast stage and we can wait as long as she needs.  

This time she might not have liked it but we did get a few totally adorable photos.... in record time.

She hates to have her clothes changed so we didn't even think about it.  Instead I put a furry scarf on her and she's a picture you want to snuggle.  

Oh no....... fussy beast is coming out.

We tried a few more...... 

 and that's exactly what we got.....  grumpy Hemmer eyebrows

We wanted all three of them but outside so we bundled them up and tried it..... fussy beast is happening here too.

She might not be happy but she's a momma's girl so if my momma is loving me I might not have to fuss.

Since Lynn doesn't get a lot of pictures with her kids we decided to take a family one even if Jesse wasn't with.  It's totally adorable.

Jesse came after his snowmobiling at the cottage and I told him to take a ride with me I was going to photoshop him in......... (I'm laughing and not serious)

Lynn says "why are you two laughing I want that"

No I didn't take his picture, I'm not a fan of photoshopping someone in when they weren't there.  Lynn can have a picture of just her, there are tons of pictures with just daddy's and the kids.....

Mally and Maxwell are done and heading for the warm van.  

Very fun day hanging with the Frey kids and yep Miss Fussy Beast became Miss Happy Pants as soon as we were done..... she's my challenge but I Love Her.

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