Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Emmett is ONE

Little Emmett turned one on Saturday.  

Remember back a year ago we had maternity photos scheduled it was a beautiful warm winter day, mom had the bridge picked out to take some amazing maternity photos before the arrival of her baby...... and he decided to make his appearance the night before.

Well here is the early birdie a year later and full of cuteness

His little smile is just the cutest

And I'm also a fan of his little serious face.  

Since Saturday was a nice day we headed to that planned bridge to see if little Emmett would cooperate this time.

Owen and I walked to the bridge before mom and dad, he's getting to be quite the little boy.  He has the sweetest personality.  His eyes are so sensitive to the sun even facing away from it but still pretty cute in his winter hat.

Emmett did fantastic outside and looked adorable in his teddy bear hat.

Owen leading mom and dad down the single path.....

It might be a little sled but we got everyone on and had a little fun with some pretend sledding.

This is another favorite... just hanging out enjoying their family.

It's hard to plan an outdoor session in the winter but when it works out it's totally worth it. 

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