Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ta2 time with the sisters

Have you ever done something that you probably would have never done but since your sister wanted it done so badly and you kinda did so you did it with her?   What????   Really you haven't ever done that?????? ..... well it's not my first time doing something with my sisters just so we can do it together.  Yep I'm the one that would jump off a bridge because my sisters were doing it (or they pushed me I not really sure) ..... I'm the youngest they did this to me, they made me feel like I had to do everything they did and do anything they told me to do just to "hang" with them.  When I was very young they would play Witches and the Children.... and yes they were the Witches and I was the Child who had to do everything the Witch told me to do.  They would blindfold me and walk me through dark buildings and then leave me inside to find my own way out, they would stick my hand in slimy stuff (they called it things like bloody eyeballs and sewer mice)  and I would have to figure out what it really was.  YES they were mean to me but I got to hang out with them and it's still happening.  I got to hang with them but I have to get a tattoo this time.  

A tattoo of a different kind..... Here is the Witch..... I mean my sister Gayle getting her tattoo first.  

And me waiting and waiting and waiting and wondering why I'm doing this so I make funny faces to my cell phone.  

And then it was my turn, Gayle survived and rated the pain on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst.... she rated it a ONE.  Hell I can do this.

AND I DID..... this was what I looked like before she cleaned me all up.


John was worried about me so I sent him that picture..... that was mean of me huh?  He texted me back and told me to call the cops to catch the guy that beat me up.  

Here is Gayle and I directly after our sisters tattoo eyeliner.  Very puffy eyes but still happy girls.

Here's just me right after.  I loved it immediately and so happy that I did it.  At the time of sitting in the chair I wasn't so sure about it.  Remember Gayle rated it at a ONE.  Well I did not have that type of experience.  Mine was a bit more painful, not sure if I wasn't numb enough or my skin wouldn't numb but my pain was white knuckling at times and felt like a razor blade was stuck into my eye line and drug across, rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat...... After the 1st eye I told her that I was done and would draw the left eye on.  She talked me into doing it and by the end of that eye I was done, I would breath really deeply with every line she made.  It only takes a few seconds when she's doing it and then it's a break, and again and again so I knew that I could live through it and it would be worth it.   I rated my pain at a 4-5 but she tricked me she said rate it overall so those times the pain was a 10 weren't counted.  And I probably was a bit light with the 4-5 it should have been rated at a SIX or SEVEN.  And just to clarify I'm not a wimp, I go to the dentist for fillings and removing old fillings with no novocain or happy gas.  I don't like the effects of the numbing so I bear the pain without it, this just frickin' hurt.  

We took Starla with us to be our driver if we needed one and also because she was one of the Witches and took great pride in watching the Child do something because she was told to do it.  

Of course we have to go shopping..... we had a 30% off Kohls card and Kohl's cash.  We ate some lunch/supper and headed back home.  By now our eyes are sore like we were crying really hard for a long time. 

Here is that night after I got home.  Eyes are still a bit puffy but aren't they awesome?  So worth the pain, I'd do it again tomorrow and the next day and the day after that...... you get the picture  

That night I iced the eyes before bed, I fell asleep with the wet cotton pads and ice on and the pads dried up and stuck to the liner.  DANG!!! now I have cotton chucks stuck to a very sore area so I get the area wet again and start to pick it off..... they are very, very sore so this hurts a lot and I start to think about the whole process..... I start to get hot, then sick to my stomach, I quickly get the job done and go lay down before I pass out...... Yep I'm a passer outer and I was very close.  I didn't sleep very well.  I kept waking up and trying to open my eyes that were glued shut.  In the morning they were stuck tight and a little wet cotton pads and ice they were good to go.  This is day 1 fresh out of the shower.  A bit puffy on top but the bottom looks good.

Between icing the eyes they get a bit swollen and they are sore to the touch but I'm not suppose to touch them so it's okay.  Putting the Vaseline on them is very painful but I do it.  

Day 4 and the swelling is down but still there a bit, the eyes are still sore to the touch and lots of black ink is still coming off.  FYI - This is no other makeup on the eyes, it's only the eyeliner, pretty amazing huh?

Day 6 - The eyes are not so sore anymore, I can touch them without too much pain, the swelling is down.  The scabs started to flake off on day 4-5 and by this time the scabs are totally gone.  The color is much lighter than before and a bit more soft.  I was really liking the deep black but the softer look is good too.   My eyes are a bit red and sore, I think it's the itching from the healing, it's hard not to scratch them so I press my fingers on them and squeeze the lids shut which I'm sure has irritated them.  

I have really deep inset eyes so the top line is usually buried and not visible when my eyes are open but what makes me the most excited about this is I no longer will have my eyeliner smudged because of that deep inset.  I'm loving my tattoo eyeliner and would go through the pain again.

Good thing because I have to go back for a touch up appointment in a couple weeks.  Make sure you compare the before and after pictures, it's kinda amazing the difference it makes.  I've had a couple people say out of the blue "you have green eyes".... yep my whole life. 

The lady I went to was amazing, even with the pain she treated me great, she talked me though all of it and made me feel as comfortable as she could.  I would recommend her and this procedure to anyone.  Check out her website and if you take the leap and get it done make sure you tell her I sent you. 

Check out Maggie's website   Here  

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