Monday, January 12, 2015

Arles the ugly duckling

One of the colors from the Annie Sloan Paint collection that I got on my last trip was called Arles.  It's a mustard type yellow and mustard color is right up my alley so why not buy her.

Well her and I did not get along, she was not the girl that I thought she would be, she just didn't show her real color when I opened her can, she had a blah pale orange peachy yellow to her.  One color I do not like is peach, I'm afraid of peach.  I'm afraid of painting something tan and it has a peach hue to it.  I think my nightmare with peach was many, many years ago we had a peach and mint bathroom.  Remember when those colors were in style...... YUCK is all I can say now.  I hate peach and Arles was showing me signs of peach.  So her and I backed off and...... I tried to sell her.  

It didn't work the gal that paints AS with me didn't like her either.  I was stuck with her so last weekend I decided that I needed to give Arles a fair amount of time on the playground with me to really let her show herself.   So I was doing a few chalkboards and gave her one of them.  Oh let me tell you she was ugly and I told her so with every coat that I put on.  She was peachy yellowish orange.  I didn't stress about it because I'm selling the chalkboard anyway, someone will love her.  

Then I distressed her a bit, waxed the heck out of her and did some antiqueing to give her some depth.  She came through and I love her, I love her so much I'm going to paint MY dresser in the living room with her.  She's not peachy, she's a mustardy dark distressed beauty.  Now I might have to keep her to hang above my Arles painted dresser.  

Don't worry I apologized to her and told her how pretty she was. 

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