Friday, January 2, 2015

Bennett 2 years

Mister is TWO.  He's a wanna be cowboy and wishes his name was Jack...... heavy on the CK.  He came with a brown cowboy hat and a black one.  He loves his black hat better than the brown one which I think might make mommy a little sad.  

Jaccccckkkkk didn't want to cooperate with photos today so I'm very luck to have gotten what I got.... or I'm just GOOD.  Let's go with the Good :)

Mister is all cowboy and he even knows how to adjust the hat.  He watches cowboy shows and loves his cowboy boots and his cowboy name Jacccckkk. 

A quick family photo since Jack isn't loving the sit still request.

His smile is pretty darn cute.

Getting one without his hat was a challenge and by the loo on his face he's not happy about it.

Big Sister Madelyn loves my camera and I love her.  She is a natural and tried so hard to get her brother to pose but he wanted nothing to do with it.  

We really did get some nice photos of Bennett but we wanted a few outdoor photo with the pretty snow.  

Bennett liked kicking the snow and of course had troubles paying attention to me..... so a little head swap and we got a keeper.  

 Helping the kids walk in the deep snow was a bit of a challenge.  Poor Bennett was having to move a lot of snow with his little feet.

But all the cold and snow was so worth it from this one photo.  I love this family and so happy to have them be my first session on the year. 

Happy Birthday little Mister.... you will make a great cowboy.

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