Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cardinal and Church

While up north this weekend we were watching the Blue Jays pick at stale crackers and chips that we left for them.  As I'm painting I look out the window and see a bright red dot in the tree.  I quickly grabbed the camera and tried to reach inside the tree while standing in the patio door.  

He popped out closer so I moved down the side of the house keeping inside the dripping roof and get one picture and the snow lets loose of the roof, hits the tin roof below and sounds like a gun being shot.  Scared the bejesus out of me and of course my red little friend was long gone.  

It was a beautiful weekend up north, we really are having a mild winter and it can stay as long as it likes.  

While driving home I was by myself so I stopped when I seen this old boarded up church.  LOVE it's aqua painted door and trim..... of course you knew I would.

And a close up of the window.  

We watched many episodes of Salvage Dawgs this weekend so my mind was all about the wanting to salvage these windows...... 

You would look soooooooo good hanging on my wall, wanna come home with me?  

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