Wednesday, November 7, 2012

30th Anniversary and Garrett's Birthday Party

This last weekend John and I went to the cottage Friday afternoon for an early Anniversary get-away.  It is our 30th Anniversary and we should go somewhere for the special event and well since we just bought a special get away it couldn't have been more fitting.  We got up there and decided not to "work" on our projects so we went shopping.  John is a really good shopper, he let's me go where ever I want, he encourages me to buy whatever I want and doesn't care how long it takes.... Well I bought a scarf.  He then wanted to go out for supper but I decided to cook back at the cottage.  We had a little fire in the pit and watched a movie and just enjoyed the night.  There is something different about being up north that I can't explain..... it just feels so right.

The next morning we got back to our list and got a few things done before Lynn, Jesse and the kids came up.  Max and Mally loved exploring and being with Grandma and Grandpa.  They went to bed so good for a new place too.  The next morning we are woken up by little squeaky voices jabbering, how can you not wake up with a smile on your face.... even though it's only 6:30.  We tried to hide out in the bedroom to see if Lynn could get them settled back down... no luck.  Max is now walking around yelling "Gwampa, Gwampa, Gwampa".  He has Grandpa's hat and wants to give it to him.  I let them in our room for a bit of snuggling and we're up for the day.

We ate breakfast and started to get ready for the Birthday Party.  It's Garrett's 4th Birthday and he is having his party at the cottage. 

Here is Mallory and Max helping me with the balloons.

Shan, Elly, Garrett, and Adam got there and the fun started.  Garrett needed his 4 year old pictures taken so him and I went for a walk to get just a couple.  Here is the special Birthday boy who is the first to have a party at the cottage.

He was so cute, his eyes were watering because of the cold and the sun on the water.  I would wipe away his tear and he would say "Granma my eyes are just leaking"

After about 15 minutes the rest of the troops could come out to play.  They loved the water/ice and skipped many rocks over it.

They explored the woods

They climbed over things, under and anywhere they could squeeze though.  Even Maxwell got carried along by his El

yep Max has to do everything the big kids do and El is so patient with all of them.

It was such a beautiful day we sat by the river for a long time.  Getting all of them in the same spot was a bit difficult but we did it.

Next it was time for lunch and birthday cake.  And of course a Happy Birthday song.

And blowing out the candles

What a perfect weekend for a special Anniversary and Birthday.  This is the first of many celebrations that will happen at the Up North River Cottage.  

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