Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thomas Family Sneak Peek

It was a bright sunshiny day but a bit brisk.  The wind was blowing and very cold by the river so Miss N didn't have too many smiles for us.  She was cold and a bit upset that her dolly had to sit by me.

We tried a new location with her snuggled in between mommy and daddy with Baby Agnes.  Still no smiles but getting better.

Since we didn't have any luck with having her dolly in the photo I decided to try something to get a few giggles.  I used my reflector as a slide and propped Baby Agnes on the edge and gave her a little push and down the reflector she went launching onto the grass.  At first all I got was Ryan and Mindy to laugh, then Miss N decided it was a bit funny for her dolly to go for a ride and we got some great smiles.

We tried to warm them up and since we were standing I let Baby A sit on my shoulder and she took a digger face down on the sidewalk.  Miss N didn't know what to think about that.  Sorry Miss N she's all better we gave her kisses and fixed her right up.  

It's even colder on the bridge but Mindy really wanted to try this pose.  Poor little N was so cold her little teeth were chattering.

Mommy went for her coat and daddy tried to warm her up.

And again got another cute shot

Miss N was a bit tired of photos and needed some snuggle time with mommy.  This photo is so precious how much babies need their mommy's to hold them.

Miss N had a few kisses for mommy and daddy before we got done.  

Mindy and Ryan you have a beautiful little girl and make a great little family.  Thank you for spending some time with me to capture your memories that will last you a lifetime.

After the shoot we had a race to a driveway in town that had FREE STUFF.  It was pretty funny how we both were trying to stall the other..... we did get along and stopped to check it out together.  It was a NO for both of us. 

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