Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cottage Fall Clean Up

We have been working like crazy to get the cottage cleaned up and ready for weekends to relax and enjoy it.  Well this weekend wasn't a relax and enjoy.  It was a scrub, destroy, rake, and clean weekend.  Somehow the work up north doesn't feel like work though.  We started on Friday afternoon with a little demolishing of the kitchen.  The stove hood was pretty grimy and I wanted nothing to do with cleaning it so I told John to bust it out of there.  Well it was a bit more than just bust it out.  The hood was wired and working, well we cut the power to the hood, busted it out of the cupboard but couldn't get the wire loose from the hood.  So John says with a snips in his hand just about to cut the wire.... the powers off right...... ummmmm I think so.  The hood was running and I hit breakers until it went off so the power is off.  I stutter.....Uuuummmmmm let's ttttttrrrrry something else first.  Let's take off the front of the hood to see if we can see inside.  So we do and AHHHHHHH there's a dead mouse inside it.  Okay John's done, he doesn't do mice.  I don't really like them either and this is the one and only we have found, there aren't even any mouse signs so this sucker has to be old and dead for a long time.  He's flat so that is another sign of being there forever.... but even though he's flat he's still stuck in a corner of the hood and we have to pry him out from arms distance.  You know the stance your legs are really far back and your arms are stretched out as far as they go and you close your eyes and make lots of swear words come out of your mouth to make you feel better.  Yep that's what happened but we got him out and in the garbage.  Wires were disassembled, re-capped put back up into the hole and sealed up.  Now time to clean this kitchen from top to bottom.  

This is our second time actually sleeping there and the first time we heard so many noises that sleep was pretty interrupted.  This weekend we sleep like a rock and no noises, must have been exhausted.  

Saturday I did more cleaning in the kitchen and John raked leaves.  The late morning was so beautiful that I said the cleaning inside could wait for another weekend and I went outside to help clean up the yard.   Of course I took a few hundred pictures before I started any work.  The sky was gorgeous so I exposed for it and the trees became dark silhouettes but I love it.

This was my job.... pick up all the sticks and burn them.  Best job ever!!

Saturday late afternoon we got our first overnight guests.  Our good friends and neighbors Paul and Kathy stopped in on their way home from raking leaves at their place up north.  We went for pizza, a few drinks and then back home for more drinks and laughs.  Paul was setting up his fishing pole so he could go catch our breakfast in the morning.  I'm not sure playing with hooks was a good idea but he got it all ready to catch a huge fish.  I hit the bed first and I think they were all shortly after me and we slept like rocks with all the fresh air and work that was done. 

I was awake early and heard Paul and Kessler head outside to catch the big one.  I took a picture of him down by the water.  There was ice on the river.... it was cooooold.

The sun started to peak over the trees.  The frost and sun is so awesome. 

Fish for breakfast didn't happen but it was a good try. 

We then walked and explored and found our survey markers on the river side.  We are amazed with our river frontage that we didn't know we had when we couldn't find the marker.  Here are some pictures from our new found frontage.  

Our weekend was fantastic, the company was great and we can't wait to go back.  We got home and started to clean up our yard here for fall..... somehow it's just not fun here.  

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