Monday, October 15, 2012

Flying South

Jazzed Up Junk Fall Sale is done and was a huge success, thank you to all that came out and took a look around at all the fun stuff we had.  The outcome of the sale was again amazing and we are so thankful to all of you.  We really enjoy creating something fun out of something drab, dirty, lifeless, broken, gross and down right ugly and if we kept it all for ourselves we would have to be on that Hoarders Show, so thank you all for helping keep us off television.  

So I know there are followers out there that just want to see normal everyday photos on this blog again and I for one NEED to get some everyday photos into my camera.  I bought my camera(s) with a passion for photography and capturing everything around me and I've kinda slipped into bringing out my camera only for photoshoots.  I had someone ask me a few weeks ago if I still take a photo a day..... ummmmmm no I don't.  She was so disappointed and thought that was such a cool idea and even though I challenged her to do it she couldn't commit either she still thought I should do it again.  Well that probably won't happen every day for awhile but I'm hoping to capture everyday life a bit more often than I have been.  I hope those that come here everyday to see what I have posted enjoy my everyday photos too.  

So the geese are all getting together to fly south (dang I hate that thought) and there are lots of them.   So I tried to sneak up on them and keep them all gathered together....

And then I started to walk towards them....

and then I ran at them....

and they all flew into the water.

I got some fun photos and I thought it was kinda fun too.  As I'm driving by another area there is a little 3-4 year old boy doing the same thing but of course he didn't have a camera.  Guess I'm still young at heart.

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