Friday, October 5, 2012

Another Family Fall Sneak Peek

The weather and colors have been perfect for family photos and those that got in before this cold snap are very lucky.  There are more nice days to come...... I sure hope so anyway.  

Miss Madelyn is 2 years old already.  I have been taking her photo even before she was born and can't believe how fast the time went.  She is waiting the arrival of a brother or sister in December so that is very exciting for all of them.  Miss Madelyn was smily right from the beginning and was so ready for pictures.  

She is so darn cute and at one point she said she was Connie's girl, it didn't last long when she became Momma's girl....

I just happen to buy a princess chair to re-do that day.  It no longer looks like this and I have a feeling Miss Madelyn's mommy is going to have to buy it at the Jazzed Up Junk Fall Sale.  :)

This bridge in the fall is beautiful for a background.

Miss Casual Madelyn sitting so cute in her princess chair.

Thank you Shannon, Tommy and Madelyn, I love that I can share a small piece of your family..... and a little birdie told me that Madelyn said she was Connie's girl on the ride home and is STILL  Connie's girl today.  I {heart} all of you.

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LisaS said...

What a doll!!! Great photos my friend...