Monday, October 29, 2012

Elly's School PIcs

Elly came over the other day for a couple quick school pictures.  Shan absolutely does not like the school pics that they do.  One for the cost and the other for the bad experience she has had with ordering so of course I can give her everything that she needs in a school picture and more.  

Ellyn is in 4th grade already, she is getting so tall and grown up.  She is so stinkin skinny it's not even funny.  She reminds me of my sister DiAnn and at one point I called teasingly called her DiAnn and Elly made a funny face at me.

This first photo shows that skinny little frame and she's even pushing out her little tummy.  

This one is my favorite for a school picture and it was the second one taken.  I could have stopped here but of course her and I had some fun.

I told her that I like her choice of gray shirt with the blue underneath.  It really fits her, she is not a glitzy girl and is pretty plain jane and doesn't dress to impress anyone for anything.  Then we get this conversation

Shannon - "ummmmm she didn't pick that out, I did
Elly - "well mom I could have worn what I had on"
Shan - "oh no you couldn't"
Me - "what did she have on?"
Shan - "a tye dyed t-shirt with a peace symbol on it"
Elly - "what???  I like that shirt and Grandma bought it for me"
Me - "Elly I think this is a much better choice, your momma did good"
Shan - "she has no sense of fashion"
Elly - "What mom, that's just rude"
Me - {giggling a bit}
Shan - "well it's true Elly you will wear anything even if it doesn't match"

long pause.............

Elly - "but I have a sense of pose, right Grandma"
Me - "yes Elly you know how to pose without me even telling you"
Elly - "See mom I can pose"

Here she is with one of her pose choices.  She seriously does have posing down to a science.  She struts her stuff in front of the camera and changes with every shutter click.  I wonder where that came from???

Then she had to rob my jewelry for a few more.  She even had to steal Lynn's rings from when she was a little girl.  And she talked me into letting her take them home.  Every time she comes here for pictures she ends up taking some kind of jewelry home but when she comes the next time she forgot to bring it back.  So of course she has to find more.  Her jewelry box has to look pretty good.

You can't really see it but the ring from Tia (Lynn) is a blue peace sign.  Of course her favorite color is blue and she LOVES her peace shirt.

One last one because in her words.  "I'm good at serious faces grandma let's do one more with me being serious"

Oh little Miss El, I love you very much.


Lynn said...

This girl totally cracks me up! She has a rocker/punk flare to her style! Friday she came to lunch in a totally girly girl flower print shirt with capri leggings....and then ankle socks with her neon pink skater shoes!!! I loved it! Same here she is all girly and then you give us a whole body shot and she has some punk boots on! :)

Laura's Journey said...

OK seriously when did she get so big?