Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Colors at the Cottage

On Saturday night we drove straight home, long time in the truck but so worth it to be home for all of Sunday.  John was pretty happy to see me arrive earlier than expected and he had the same plan as I did...... we headed for the cottage early Sunday morning to spend the day.  He had spent 2 days up there while I was gone and it's starting to feel like ours.  We moved up some furniture and did a bit of cleaning.... then we said the heck with it.... we fixed a cocktail and perched ourselves on the island and enjoyed the water and sunshine.  This is a bit of photo overload but it could have been worse. 

Here is our island where we spent the afternoon.

A couple of the beautiful trees that are around the cottage

Our afternoon view

So since I didn't want to clean up the cottage I decided to wander the river.

and clean it up from the fallen sticks and leaves.  I can't have a messy river now can I?

John kinda liked my camera, not so sure I like being on the other side of it.

As the sun goes down the river is changing color

I thought I seen 2 turtles on that tree.... do you see them?

Let me get you a little closer

The front of the cottage.

We took our bikes up and went for a ride, it was fantastic

So this is the view I had when washing the windows.... now you know why the outside was calling my name.

This is going to be a perfect view for morning coffee..... oh wait I don't drink coffee.  That's okay everyone else can and I will just watch the seasons change on my river.

Perfect, perfect Sunday.

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