Thursday, November 29, 2012

Angel Elf on the Shelf

Last night was a rough night for sleeping, it was a great night for laying close to each other and just feeling the warmth and love between us.  John was hurting so bad and I couldn't begin to bring him comfort and take his pain away.  We talked, cried and listened to each other breath for what felt like hours.  As much as you know you need to sleep it doesn't happen your eyes are like glued open and you don't even begin to feel tired or if you shut your eyes you might not be able to control what will happen during the night.  After 20 trips up and down the stairs, a mound of kleenex and 4 very bloodshot eyes we welcomed sleep.

Our morning started like it always does, John is off to work and I'm off to they gym.  Ed is standing in the doorway about 30 minutes into my class.  My heart dropped to my knees.  John's dad had passed.  I  flew out of the gym and could not drive fast enough to John's work.  They have no one to answer the phones until 8:00 so I had to drive there and I am so thankful that I got to tell him in person vs on the phone.  He is out of pain but it's still hard to accept.

Our little Wilson wanted to show us that God has gained another angel today.  

God bless you dad, may you rest in peace.

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runwyoming said...

I hope your family finds love and peace during this difficult time.