Sunday, November 11, 2012

Anniversary Celebration

We've been married for 30 years......that's crazy to hear and even harder to say.  I can't believe where the time has gone but wouldn't change a thing.  John and I have gone through lots of ups and downs but each one has made us stronger.  It probably started when the priest that married us on our wedding day told us his prediction of our marriage..... 6 months.

We were young but we were determined to make this work.  We couldn't have done it without our wonderful children.  They really mended us together and gave us a reason to make this work.... with them at our side it was just easy and each new addition to the family is making it easier.  We are pretty much like the song "Stuck Like Glue".  

Since it was a milestone anniversary we had all the kids over for a celebration supper.  With all the little ones we decided to have supper at the house and let them be able to be themselves and play vs going to a restaurant and making them sit still.  Of course I cannot have everyone in the same spot without a photo to remember this day.  I always wanted a big family of my own and it looks like I'm getting my dream..... next year we'll be joyfully adding another to this family.  

Our grandchildren mean so much to us.  They don't all like to get their pictures taken but they were so good tonight we got them all in the same spot without someone running away and we even got giggles from them.  I'm not sure who did what to make us all laugh but I love this photo.  This is who they are..... grandpa's even smiling.

Here is the glue to this family..... This photo makes me tear up.  We are very strong and anything that happens we can deal with it as long as we have each other. 

It's not very often that John and I have our photo taken together and Elly wanted to take our picture so this was her being like Grandma.  

Then Lynn took over and she is so funny with a camera in her hand.  She ohhh's and ahhhh's after every photo.  I'm not sure these are too much to ohhhh and ahhhh about but this is us, this is who we are.  The love of my life at my side....... we made it more than 6 months :)

After our photos we all piled in Shannon's van and went shining deer.  Something the kids and us would do every weekend.  Shannon would fall asleep, Lynn would be scared we were going to run the deer over and Adam would be glued to the window.  The grandkids loved shining deer, we seen a big buck right out Max's window, he seen that one up close.  A total of 23 deer were seen all in our 10 left turns.  My dad always says, if you're lost just keep turning left you'll get back home sooner or later. 

We played a few games, watched a few stupid gold digger shows, wrestled on the floor, rode the RZR, and best of all.... enjoyed every minute of the night.

I love you all.  {sigh}


LisaS said...

Great story my friend....
Love U


Natalie said...

Geesh you even made me tear up! You certainly do have a beautiful, strong family. I will always be so very thankful that Lynn and Jesse were in Oregon with us and that I have the privilege of knowing your family. God bless your next 30 years!!