Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving this year was very nice, we had a perfect morning and afternoon just John and I.  We prepared our Thanksgiving day feast, cleaned house and hung up Christmas lights outside.  We actually hung lights in t-shirts and John even wore shorts, it was beautiful weather.

Adam and Monica came over with the news of our new grandchild.... It's a boy!!  we tried to get names out of them but so far they haven't narrowed it down but what they do have picked out sounds perfect for a Hemmer boy.  They had her Thanksgiving day dinner to get to before she had to work so off they went.  Shan and the kids came over late afternoon.  Garrett and Ellyn were perfect, they played so well and made Grandma smile even more.  Lynn, Jesse and kids stayed at home this year - we missed them lots!!  

It started to get dark so Shan and I started working on getting the meal ready.  First is the centerpiece I made last weekend, isn't he the cutest?  Gotta love pinterest!!

We were texting Adam to time supper as he was coming in from hunting.  He was climbing down as we were dishing up the food.  We only had a few minutes as we waited patiently for him to drive here. Grandpa was a bit grumbly as the food smelled so good and he had to sit and smell it.  Then before we could start everyone had to say something they were thankful for.  {Another grumble from Grandpa}.

For those that know me..... my food can't touch. {I am thankful for divider plates}  I had to take a picture of my plate just to show you how the perfect Thanksgiving day plate looks.  Nothing touching, no gravy to run into the turkey, creamed corn is NOT runny (thanks Deb Poyda for the perfect corn recipe) click here for recipe.   Elly saves her's till the last thing she eats because she loves it but this year she ate too much and couldn't finish it.

My brother Randy is much worse than I am.... he needs a separate plate for each item and only dishes up one at a time.  He'll eat his potatoes first, then gets another clean plate and eats the stuffing, another clean plate and gets the turkey...... I can at least have them all on the same plate but I only eat one thing at a time and turn my plate around in a circle until that thing is gone.  Just a FYI.... we are normal the rest of you are freaks :)

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have lots to be thankful for.

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