Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pickled Elf on a Shelf

I have to tell you this elf on a shelf isn't just for kids or maybe John and I are still kids..... {don't answer that}.  You only get to see where Wilson is hiding once a day but actually he hides a lot more than that.  John looks for him when he gets up, I have to look for him when I get up, on my lunch, when John get's home, when I get home.  You never know where he's going to be hiding.  Sometimes he startles me like yesterday morning when he was in the bathroom sitting on the sink.  I didn't see him until the third time in there and I even brushed my teeth and he was sitting right next to the toothpaste.  He watched me pee...... naughty elf!!  Some of the places just make me giggle.  John looked for him Monday morning until it was getting late and he had to get to work..... he found him hiding in his workboot :)

I have been taking a photo of him in all his places so maybe when we're done with one a day I will share the ones that didn't make the blog.  Well Wilson got himself into a pickle tonight, I'm not sure he'll make it out of this one by himself.  

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