Sunday, November 25, 2012

Up North Winter Wonderland

They say we bought a cottage on a snow belt.... they aren't kidding.  There is tons of snow up there and it's so beautiful.  If I could have come down with the flu or a nasty cold while we were there I wouldn't have had any problem calling into work sick....

At least 4" right in the yard

John was checking out the river as I was slipping down the hill with my face in the camera.  I guess I need to pay attention to walking or I'll end up sliding down the hill.

The river is working on making ice for Mallory to go ice skating, she can't wait.

The sledding hill is covered and ready for the first victim who wants to slide right into the river.

If you like to snowmobile get ready it won't be long now.   It started to snow again when we were leaving, not sure if you can see it on the photo below

Here is another one that you can see how hard it's snowing, if I couldn't get sick maybe snowed in would work :)

We are falling in love with this place more and more every season.

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