Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hunting results so far

Hunting season is a big deal at this house.  It starts sometime in August and doesn't quit till about January.  John enjoys his time at the shack with his brothers, nephew and son just as much as he enjoys hunting.  The stories that we hear from each year just keep getting better.  I don't think they care if they get any deer just spending the time together is enough for them.  But this big guy happen to walk by John on Monday morning and of course you can't just let him walk by.  

Sorry for the tongue and blood in the photo, guys like that stuff.  I ask John to put his tongue in his mouth and I get a "are you kidding me" look and I'm not touching it so you have to look at it like this.   The walls at the shack are getting a bit crowded so maybe this won't be a head mount..... yeah right who am I trying to kid I'm sure they spent hours talking about where this one will hang which way they have him looking, if he's a brother to one of the others, if he's bigger, taller, wider..... their nuts about their deer but that's okay because they do it together and there is nothing better than spending time with each other.


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