Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday and Saturday Sister Shopping

My sisters and I went Black Friday shopping again this year.  Even though none of us had anything to get we didn't want to miss it.  We love the excitement of the early morning shopping and what Door Busters are going to be hit hard.  The truck box was full to the edges so we headed home before 9AM.  

Saturday is our all day shopping trip so again off we went early in the morning and filled the truck once again as full as we could get it.  Shannon came with us this time and we reminded her just how goofy her mom and aunts can be. 

After 3 trips to Target {yes I said 3} this little elf jumped in my shopping bag.  I can't believe he wants to come to my house, there are no kids there to keep an eye on.  I guess he just remembers me from when I was little and Mom had a little elf just like this.  I'm not sure what happened to Mom's elf but this little guy sure brings back memories for me and he brightened my whole day.    

I'm thinking I got a bit of a naughty elf though, he is up to no good and I'll try to capture his naughtiness and share them with you until Christmas.  He might look all sweet sitting in his shopping bags but just wait.

Shopping was a blast as always and we did get to scratch a few things off our lists

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