Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Family Peek

Another rainy day for photos so we opted for inside the home.  This little Miss is so cute, she has those high pig tail and those perfect little lips and skin.  Her grandma came over as the smile maker.  As soon as she walked in the door they started to chase and play.  Grandma was certainly the smile maker, this little girl LOVES her grandma.

She did take a break to snap a few photos, Love this little stern look.

Little Miss knows this book all too well.  I'm thinking Mom and Dad read to her often.

Daddy and her share apples in the backyard.  She has to get a really big bite.  It was cold but the rain had stopped for a short time so we took advantage of it.

More Packer fans here.

The front door says everything about you.  This is where you welcome your friends and family, this is where you greet total strangers.  This is what people see as they drive by your home.... the front door is your way to bring your inside personality to the outside.... why not capture it to remember this moment forever.

By the time we got her cute little hat and jacket on she was D.O.N.E. with photos but this one was still cute with mom's new mums.


Lynn said...

There are my cute friends! : ) Love them!! Front door one is my fav! I just love the way she dresses little N! Man what a cute kid! : )

Anonymous said...

Connie - I LOVE the sneak peak :) And Lynn - thanks for all of the kind words :) Your mom is a great photographer and really fun to work with! Mindy

arturlington said...

too cute!